Information on the use of cookies by the website

To improve the present and future use experience of this site ( uses cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that a site saves on the computer or mobile device of the user who is browsing it. Thanks to cookies, the site remembers the actions and preferences expressed (for example authentication to restricted areas, the selected language or other display settings) so that the user does not have to re-enter them when he returns to the site or navigates between a page and the other. Cookies are also used to verify the visits are made by new or past visitors and to store some information, anonymous and non-personal, relating to their browsing of the pages (entry and exit links, navigation between pages, residence times, etc.).

By using the site, clicking on any link present or scrolling through the pages, the user accepts that the “proprietary” and “third-party” cookies (indicated in the “List of cookies used” below) are installed on his device.

Disabling some of all cookies’ saving, the navigability of the site (or some sections of it) could be compromised or limited by the lack of functionality.

Types of Cookies

Cookies differ according to their duration, the domain that installed them and their function.


Session Cookies
These are temporary files that are stored until the site is abandoned (or the browser is closed).

Persistent Cookies
These are files that are stored and maintained even after leaving the site and closing the browser. They are only deleted after the expiration date indicated in the cookie itself.


“Proprietary” Cookies
These are files that are installed on the user’s device directly from the site you are browsing.

“Third Party” Cookies
These are files that are installed by external sites, through the code integrated into the pages of the site you are browsing. Examples of third-party cookies are those installed by social plugins (for sharing content) or visit analysis cookies.


Essential “technical” Cookies
They are essential for the proper functioning of the site pages. Without these cookies some functions could be compromised and access to contents could be limited. They allow, for example, to keep track of the authentication made by a user or by a site administrator. Cookies of this type do not collect any personal information from the user.

Functional “technical” cookies
These are cookies used to memorize the choices made by the user to improve navigation (for example the language, or to pre-fill a form with the name used previously). This type of cookies may include personal information (for example the username). Without these cookies some features and navigation between pages could be compromised.

Performance cookies
These are cookies used to understand: if users are new or returning, how they use the site, how they move between pages, how long they stay on the pages and on the site, from what geographical area they came to the site. The data does not identify the user as a person but is aggregated anonymously by the analysis tools. Deactivation does not in any way compromise the functionality offered by the site.

Social widget cookies
Some widgets made available by social networks (for example Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc.) may use their own third-party cookies. Deactivation does not compromise the use of the site, except in the sections where widgets can be installed (for example for video integration) and in some cases the possibility of rapid content sharing or the possibility of commenting on some areas of the site. This site does NOT use this type of cookies.

Profiling / Advertising cookies
Advertising cookies are installed to show site visitors content related to their preferences. They can therefore be used to show advertising content targeted to the interests of the person. Cookies of this type work in collaboration with third-party sites and can keep track of past browsing on pages on different domains. Cookies of this type usually keep track of the user’s IP address as well as other information, some of which may be personal.
This site does NOT use this type of cookies.

Management and cancellation of cookies

To disable the use of all or some cookies it is necessary to change the settings of the navigation browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.).

Browsers are usually pre-set to accept cookies, unless they are configured by the user in a different way.

It is possible to have the browser block some or all cookies, or present a message to the user before proceeding with the installation of a cookie.

For convenience, these are the links to manage cookies for the most popular browsers:

List of used Cookies

The following table lists the cookies we use and what information they contain.

Cookie’s name
Type and Duration

Information management cookies


The cookie stores the express acceptance regarding the use of cookies by the site.
(X indicates a number, it may vary)

Site platform

Technical Necessary
These WordPress cookies have no impact on the user’s browsing experience and do not contain personal information. They contain information relating to the geographical location of the visit and can be used to change the display language of the site’s contents. Used in case of login of a site administrator.
(XXX indicates a session code)

Site platform

Technical Necessary
The cookie is used to store information relating to user authentication on the site, allowing it to be used more conveniently and quickly. Used in case of login of a site administrator.
(XXX indicates a session code)

Piattaforma Sito

Technical Necessary
The cookie takes care of storing the user’s authentication status. Used in case of login of a site administrator.

Site platform

Technical Necessary
This is a WordPress test cookie that checks whether the browser is enabled to save cookies or not. Used in case of login of a site administrator.

Site platform

Technical Function
These are cookies that allow you to store the navigation language selected by the visitor (or the site administrator).

Note: third-party cookies can change their name, increase or decrease in number at any time and without prior notice from the third-party provider.

Changes to this information

This information may be subject to changes over time (for example, changes to regulations, or the introduction of new services offered by this site) therefore we invite users to check the changes by consulting this page periodically.

Last update: 01/10/2019