The engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and method which allows the making of a successful project; it focuses on the client’s needs, on the required functionality on the first steps of a cycle development and proceeds with the design and validation of the system. The engineering process integrates all disciplines and specialties of different working groups, forming a structured work-flow, which starts with the concept and ends with the production, keeping in mind every technical specifications required by the customers, aiming at providing a quality product.

Aerospace / Aeronautics
Industrial Automation

Aerospace / Aeronautics

D.T.E. Srl has a technical design studio made up of experienced staff which is able to develop flying parts that go from the 3D model up to the drafting of the production cycles, suitable for the realization of the parts itself; our office is also able to design the related equipment needed to produce said parts.

This process can be summarized as follows:

  • feasibility analysis for flying parts’ production
  • production cycles
  • design of production equipment
  • definition of numerical control (3 to 5 axs)
  • operating sheets

Some parts specifically developed are:

  • Complete / partial gearboxes
  • Adapters
  • Bracket
  • Rib


D.T.E. Srl’s design office, also in the Automotive field, can develop – starting from a 3D model – welding processes, as follows:

  • feasibility analysis on the product
  • design of robotic welding islands
  • design of prototype of welding tools
  • production management with analysis of the load and distribution
  • special loading images

The company is also able to design:

  • control gauge
  • contouring and drilling jigs for carbon fiber parts

Some part specifically developed are:

  • VW Golf 2013 Body Side
  • PLS Iveco Daily 2014 Door
  • Iveco 2014 Driver side / passenger side door
  • Mini 2014 Front floor
  • Multipoint machine for automatic welding
  • FERRARI F173 Sub-frame rear frame
  • MASERATI M161 Rear side frame
  • CNH WL49 Cabin gear chain
  • Proto IDG VW276/AU276 Body Side
  • Proto BMW G05/G07 Body Sides
  • CHN GPL Cab Body Side
  • FERRARI F164 Body Side

Gli ordini sviluppati dalla società sono relativi a piattaforme automobilistiche di:

Car Series Showcar Heavy Vehicles
Alfa Romeo
Capello Srl
CNH Industries
John Deere

Industrial Automation

In the industrial automation’s field, D.T.E. Srl researches innovative solutions for the regulation of the movements of the moving parts of industrial machines. Through automation, it’s possible to automatically carry out predetermined industrial processes. This type of approach has progressively improved with the development of digital electronics and information technology. The recent development of information technology has led to significant advances, particularly with regard to programming and parameterization.

Automation identifies technologies to manage machines and processes, thus reducing the need for human intervention.


D.T.E. Srl offers 360 ° assistance to its customers who need a consultancy, producing all the necessary documentation for the realization of the contract acquired, from work cycles to the definition of Numerical Control.

For this purpose our Technical Office uses tools such as:

per la modellazione 3D e la disegnazione 2D (CATIA V5 R27)
per la definizione dei percorsi utensile (Esprit versione 2018 e TNG)