D.T.E. Srl is a company that operates in the precision mechanics for the aeronautical and automotive fields, offering its technical knowledge to research and innovate.

Its founder has matured a twenty year experience in the mechanical sector, which has allowed to consolidate professional relationships with many companies that are operating on the national territory, establishing many important collaborations in both aeronautical and automotive fields.

D.T.E. Srl specializes in the industrialization, manufacture and control of precision mechanical parts in the Aeronautical and Automotive sector, ensuring its management with the utmost professionalism, from single parts to complete production batches. D.T.E. Srl undertakes, with its internal production processes, to create parts that comply with the customer’s requirements.

Technology & Services
Resources Training

Technology & Services

D.T.E. Srl is a company that is on the market not only for the production of mechanical precision parts in the Aerospace and / or Automotive sector, but also offers a qualified assistance to its customers, a a complete efficiency in the structural management system, made possible by years of direct and specific experience in the sectors of interest.

D.T.E. Srl’s competitiveness today is made possible thanks to investments for the purchase of the most modern production machinery available on the market.

D.T.E. Srl can offer its clients quality parts in quick times, innovating, investing and offering its support with a marked flexibility, managing all the services of the acquired order in a complete and effective way, in order to offer a competitive advantage along with a winning approach.

Resources Training

D.T.E. Srl has focused on identifying and training specialized resources, in order to offer the best solutions to develop the jobs acquired..

Ever since joining the staff, each new resource is subjected to training, aimed to acquire a specific competence, to ensure adequate preparation and qualification of the resource itself.

All the company’s resources share the same goals and know-how, in line with the company standard, in order to offer its customers a complete and qualitative technical support.

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