D.T.E. Srl carries out its production function by organizing the management of orders, the definition of timing, the supply in the warehouse, as well as the direct connection to the machinery, for the control of the production itself. The production process is linked to the market’s requirements, and is therefore treated globally in order to minimize the complexity of production by focusing on its flexibility and involving all company functions in such a way as to maintain a high competitive quality / price ratio. For this reason, D.T.E. Srl operates following 5 guiding principles:

  1. it defines the guidelines indicated by the customer;
  2. it identifies the set of actions that lead to the creation of the product;
  3. it studies the product, considering the problems inherent in its realization;
  4. it organizes all activities, in order to operate with no stops or interruptions;
  5. it pursues perfection through continuous improvement.

Aeronautics / Aerospace

Aeronautics / Aerospace

The company realizes:

  • complete equipments to support the production
  • production start-up and related improvements
  • series productions
  • bonding equipments
  • hot-forming equipments
  • simulacra parts


  • creation of prototype parts
  • production of general mechanics details
  • production of master’s parts
  • bonding’s equipments
  • hot-forming’s equipments
  • simulacra parts